What's a Fuse Jam?

A game jam is an event within a set time period (usually 48hr) where people come together to meet, form teams, and create a game inspired by a theme given to them at the start of the jam.

Fuse Jam was born from the desire to have more game jam events in Bristol. It encourages collaboration rather than competition, as well as experimentation and inclusivity. There is no pressure to finish a game and at the end of the weekend we have a show & tell of what everyone created, with no judging process. We encourage people of all skill levels to join in - including complete beginners.

What defines a game is really up to the people who create it, and we are very keen for Fuse Jam to explore this by creating digital, board, role-playing and physical projects, as well as anything else you might like to create!

In Fuse Jam, each team has a unique theme to work with under an umbrella theme for the whole jam.
The theme is created by combining two words, e.g. in Fuse Jam #01 we had 'emotions' and 'verbs', so examples of themes were 'Joy + Dream', or 'Optimism + Wander'.
The teams pick their themes randomly from pre-selected words. Claire takes great joy in designing ridiculous methods of delivering the themes (which has so far included bingo balls and may one day include orienteering in the woods).