Fuse Jam #02

Fuse Jam #2 tickets are available now!
September 28th-30th at dBs Music, Bristol

Fuse Jam #2 will be hosted by the fantastic @dBs Music

with food generously being provided by: @Just Eat

and is sponsored by the amazing:

@Meteor Pixel
@Large Visible Machine
@Force of Habit
Out Of Bounds Games

Fuse Jam is organised by @Claire Morley, @Alex Birke, and @Eriol Fox.

Extra special thanks to:
@1210sounds for help and support at dBs Music,
@DaisySpiers for the beautiful Fuse Jam artwork,
@alone_music for organising the chiptune gig,
@SpicyJAudio and
@GioCo_Sound for recording our theme sounds!